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Tenet Agendus shield uses incorrect energy color


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  • Description of the bug:

The Tenet Agendus Hammer & Shield melee weapon uses the incorrect energy colors for the expanded energy shield portion of the weapon. All other Tenet weapons that have these energy VFX adopt your chosen energy color but the Agendus does not. It always displays the default blue Tenet weapon energy color, even after using forma to unlock secondary energy color customization.

  • How do you reproduce the bug?

Bug is constant, does not change status.

  • What occurred before the issue started?

Playing normally, nothing seems to have an effect on the bug.

  • Can you provide your build/game settings?

Current build for my Tenet Agendus.

  • What kind of squad were you in?

Tested in Solo, public matches, orbiter and captura.

  • Can you share images/video of bug?

Images are below post in spoiler.

  • Is the bug currently in-game?

Yes, tested minutes prior to this post.




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