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Beorn | The berserker |


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Name : Beorn

Gender : Male

Description : At the same time tough and deadly, Beorn is an almost unstoppable war machine, leaping onto the battlefield while slaughtering anything that moves and appears hostile.



Hp : 215 --> 645

Shields : 165 --> 495

Armor : 450

Energy : 150 --> 225

Speed : 1.00



Berserker rage

 By taking and dealing damage, you accumulate rage points, which reduce your perception of pain, increase your movement speed and damage.


Rage points : 1.000,0

Rage point generation

1/0.5% max shield damage

2/0.5% max health damage

3/each time you deal damage

4.5/critical damage inflicted



Rage point buffs

Damage reduction up to 35% on shields and 75% on health

Movement speed buff up to +0.45 base movement speed

Damage bonus up to +50% base weapon damage

Do you think by killing me, I will die?

When you take fatal damage, you won't go to the ground right away, but you will start consuming rage points quickly. As long as you have rage points, you will move at an increased speed, and deal more damage, and for each enemy killed, you will regenerate part of your life. When you regenerate more than 35% of your maximum life, you will automatically revive without consuming revives.


Cost : 75 rage points/s

Movement speed : +100%

Damage : +225%

Regeneration/kill : 7.0% max health

Invulnerability time after auto-reanimation : 4 seconds

You will not generate rage points while this passive is active

Ability 1

Battle leap

Make a long jump and shockwave on landing that will damage and knock down enemies. Landing directly on an enemy will kill them.


Cost : 25 energy

Leap range : up to 25 meters (with a 45° angle)

Shockwave radius : 12 meters

Damage : 1.200 (100% impact)

Generate 3 rage points for each enemy you hit with the shockwave, and 20 if you kill an enemy

Hold to see the trajectory

Ability 2


Let out a powerful cry that will shift the enemy's attention to you for a considerable period of time. The enemies will be intimidated and have a chance to miss you. You generate more rage points by hitting and getting hit by enemies affected by this ability.


Cost : 50

Effect radius : 50 meters

Duration : 25 seconds

Damage reduction : 4.5%/enemy affected

Enemy precision reduction : 30%

Rage generation : +100%

Ability 3

 Furious regeneration

Continuously convert rage points to hp and shields, regenerating both at the same time continuously and impossible to interrupt. When shields drop to 0 while the ability is active, triple their regeneration rate for 2 seconds. When health is maximum, double the shield regeneration rate. When you take fatal damage while the ability is active, you immediately regenerate 50% of your maximum rage points.


Cost : 50 rage points/s (unaffected by mods)

Hp regeneration speed : 120/s

Shields regeneration speed : 35/s

Ability 4

Battle rage

It consumes your rage points at great speed, which will allow you to become invulnerable, and dramatically improve your danger. The ability strengthens as it stays active, and when it reaches its climax, you will become a ball of rage ready to explode that only cares about killing.


Cost : 85 rage points/s (unaffected by mods)


+175% weapon and ability damage

+35% ability strength

+0.25 base movment speed

+100% rage points generation 

+25% ability range

Damage reduction : 101%


The ability increases the cost and power of all buffs by 10% for 10 seconds, stopping at a total buff of 100% unchangeable via mods or effects.

When you reactivate the ability once it's fully charged, all absorbed damage will be released in the form of a giant explosion.

Explosion radius : 30 meters (unaffected by mods)

For each enemy affected by the explosion, the ability's buffs will last for 0.4 seconds after the ability ends.


Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D

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