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Mission Timer Bug


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15 hours ago, Salt_KuHa said:

this is not steel path exclusive, happened to me in a kuva lich defense mission

"Fixed End of Mission screen only starts to count the Mission Time when the End of Mission screen appears."

It's from the latest hotfix notes. I think the bug clearly has something to do with this, they messed up something here.

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Just had a whopping 1h 56min start timer, but thanks to that I figured out what's happening. The timer for your next mission starts counting immediately after you finish a mission, in other words any time you spend in your Orbiter gets added to the timer when you enter a mission. Easy to check, was 100% consistent when I tried whether it's the mission result screen or just Orbiter. It's everything starting from the result screen.

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From what I've observed, it appears to be based on when you last got back from a mission and how much time you spent before going to your next mission.

Basically, the game is treating your current mission starting time as having started whenever you got back to your orbiter from your last mission.

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