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PSA: PC Twitch Drops [RESOLVED]


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Hello PC Tenno!

Due to some code changes in the most recent PC 30.5.5 Hotfix, the Twitch Drop fulfillment on our end has broken for PC players that choose to Relink their accounts post Hotfix.

We have a fix in the works! Good news is that once the fix goes live, a Relink will provide you with the Twitch Drop items you've claimed via Twitch.

We will update this post when the fix has been made.

*Players who did not relink post Hotfix are not affected by this.


7/30/2021 10:22am ET

A success fix has been hot-dropped! For those that were affected by this post Hotfix 30.5.5, please Relink at https://www.warframe.com/user

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29 minutes ago, Kromatia said:

So I'm confused a bit. Maybe it's me being a smooth brain today. If we have NOT relinked since Tennocon, it's fine and this only affects those who relinked POST 30.5.5 hotfix?

Yes, this is correct. :) 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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