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Yareli: suggestions and missed opportunities


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  • increase secondary crit chance by 25% flat for 2s after moving for 2s, stacking 2-3 times

i dislike the complete and constant need to move, as well as the bias towards high crit secondaries *which her signature weapon is not*


Sea snares:

  • cold proc enemies held
  • give held enemies 30% chance to drop health and 10% chance for energy orbs chance scaling with strength
  • make riptide cause sea snares to explode dealing % of held targets health damage to enemies within 6m and reducing their armour by 10% permanently

just a small amount extra power for a mostly fine ability

remove health and damage resistance
introduce attack tricks based on existing k-drive mods

  • slayboard: dismounting sending merulina forward, exploding on the first enemy or wall hit 8m base radius dealing cold/impact damage, direct hits with the board itself doing slash procs
    *technically a mix of slayboard and cold arrival*
    this also inherently has synergy with riptide since you could riptide pull enemies together then dismount throw merulina at enemies
  • bomb the landin': 10m AoE cold damage knocking enemies back, impact proccing enemies hit
  • Trailblazer: leave a trail of slowing water dealing cold damage for 4s after landing a trick
  • sonic boost: same deal but water visuals and stat scaling and imapct procs

these would be innate effects, not the actual mods just using them as a short hand to get point accross
the goal here is to make merulina a combat tool instead of being required to ride for suvivability, using it in shorter bursts in standard tilesets to activate tick abilities for damage
tricks would scale off range and strength with your trick multiplier increasing said trick damage further

i do think a large portion of why people dislike this ability, or at least why i dislike it, is k-drive control does not lend itself well for standard tilesets, getting stuck on everything, yet for some reason is pushed as her primary form of survivability, but still not providing as much survivability as other frames can do, as well as being to easily knocked off the board itself
i do think centering it around doing damage would be a far better idea for the frame as a whole letting you dismount merulina and not instantly die, and the complete lack of "trick" mod functionality is honestly just sad

  • reduce damage taken by 50% scaling with strength up to 90%
  • increase damage vs enemies held by sea snares
  • increase range by 50% while riding on top of merulina

i don't agree with merulina being her primary means of survivability, as a whole k-drives while fast are not realistically controllable for most of the games tilesets


  • extend active time slightly longer than animation
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I'd be hesitant to put Cold procs on her IF Riptide's ragdoll drag is affected by the slow (so they won't even move that far, nevermind going into the burst's epicenter). But regardless, Yareli's powers can use more procs definitely.

Let Sea Snares synergize with Aquablades and Riptide via procs.

1 + 3 = Gas procs to double-down on killing fodder.

1 + 4 = Corrosive procs on the damage per tick, so 4 procs to help reduce armor.

Yareli's passive encourages her to use a critical secondary, so her powers applying status helps keep her on her board instead of NEEDING to hop off and status enemies with her primary/melee.

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