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Grenade Fan Issue.


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Can I be honest here? I just hate the little hop Protea does to throw out her Grenade Fan ability. Even more hilariously, I find that it is counter productive to using any sentinels at all.

What do I mean by this? Simply put: Her hop and toss of the grenades can be obstructed by your Sentinel. It's already bad enough that a spazzing ally or their companions can jump in the way of your shots on a defense map and block your grenades from flying, that Wisp Mote centers can block your grenade throws, and that in narrow or low hanging entryways you can have her hop just enough that the grenades will bounce off the door and float quite a distance away from where you wanted them to be.

I don't believe it is asking much to just not allow the grenades of your ability to be stopped by your Carrier or Shade. Maybe make it where the grenades aren't stopped on friendly units or use an underhand throw from Vauban for a simple ground animation instead of making my standing Protea feel the need to jump a few feet in the air to throw something?

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