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When you first meet Daughter in The Heart of Deimos Quest, it plays the incorrect dialogue line


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When you meet Daughter for the first time during the Heart of Deimos quest, she plays the line that is supposed to be played when you talk to her again after the quest. In this line she references her brother whom you have not met yet, saying that you have already met him, making it confusing. Here is the incorrect line that plays:

  • "This would be where I showed you my birthright of my ancestral fish, but... well, you've already met my charming brother. Some remnants of the original genetic matrix appear to have survived in the exocrine, though the Infestation is steadily claiming them. If you can catch any and bring them to me, I'd appreciate it. We can salvage anything useful. I can't undo what he did, but I won't let him have the last word."

This is the correct line that should play first, it still plays but not until after the previous incorrect line:

  • "Oh! Aren't you a fascinating specimen? Organic-ferrous exoflesh, hybridized internals, Untime trace... you're a Tenno, aren't you?"

Also because of this bug, she does not play the proper line when you talk to her again after the quest, because it already played at the incorrect point during the quest. 


Other Notes:

This bug is reproducible every time, and I believe on every platform. 


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