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Is it worth converting a lich?



I traded for a lich with a cool look. If I defeat the lich I can use it's weapon, but I like it's look and wonder if converting it would be useful. I have heard liches are really bad companions. They are significantly weaker than the crew members you can buy from ticker?

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For Empyrean/Railjack, Liches aren't too effective in repelling boarders unless one has the Kuva Ayanga, Kuva Shildeg, or weapons that can scale high with their level. Sisters are a bit more effective than Kuva Liches due to their more effective Tenet weapons.

On-Call (Command Intrinsics 9), they can help deal with Corpus and Infested even on the Steel Path. The Grineer and Corrupted Grineer are unsurprisingly their greatest struggle due to armor. Still, look into these types of Liches/Sisters:

  • Toxin Kuva Lich and Impact Sister

Aside from their weapon, both of them have near identical ability kits with Overload (Oberon's Smite) and Cursed Ground (Oberon's Hallowed Ground). Their version of Smite, especially when they're at Level 75 (converted a max Level 5 Lich/Sister) can keep up even in the Steel Path due to double-dipping scaling. Cursed Ground is both CC and status immunity.

Toxin Kuva Liches have Miasma, spreading some Viral procs, but not as extensive as Viral Quills. Impact Sisters have Protea's Blaze Artillery, which again scales from their level.

  • Weapons

Kuva Liches are seen to be effective with the Kuva Zarr, Kuva Shildeg, Kuva Grattler, and Kuva Ayanga. Those four weapons mentioned have their hgh damage scales well with their level. Hitscans like the Kuva Quartakk and the Kuva Kraken are also decent.

Tenet Detron and Tenet Spirex are deceptively deadly, capable of the picking enemies off of their normal effective range due to the Sister's accuracy. Tenet Arca Plasmor is also impressive with its range and the size of its plasma blast.

I didn't pick the obvious choices (Kuva Nukor and Tenet Cycron) to give some better analysis to the other weapon choices.

Not required to convert one, but for variety sakes and to fight along with a high ranking Grineer commander blessed by the Grineer Queens/ a Corpus female officer who answers to both Parvos Granum and Vala Glarios in time for the New War? They fine to convert.

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I would recommend having at least one Converted Lich or Sister.  If you have one, then when you're having a "hard time" in a level (in my experience the game seems to consider this any time I died) then your Converted Lich/Sister will come into the level to help you out.  I wouldn't say it's amazingly useful, but they're tanks.  And more than their combat utility, if you choose one with a personality you enjoy, it's just cool to have them drop by and say hi.  Mine likes to tell my enemies how he's going to "pound them in their reproductive organs", which makes me smile.

But as for Railjack, yeah, they don't sound great since they can't do any Railjack stuff.

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Liches can only serve as guards in Railjack, basically. They can't pilot, use the ship's guns, or craft supplies at the ship's foundries. So I guess in that way they're... more limited.

I don't know about weaker. All I know is I have two Kuva Ayanga-wielding liches patrolling my ship, and I rarely have to deal with boarding parties when I run solo. Third crew member mans the guns.

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