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Make dojo say "Cannot delete spawn room" instead of suggesting they delete their whole dojo instead.


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Tried to delete an inspiration hall and it told me I needed to delete child rooms first.  My dojo is brand new so its only the several basement reactors, some cross sections, trade posts/vault and this hall attached to the top of the elevator.  

The game then proceeded to suggest I delete all my reactors in the basement?  I was like 5 seconds away from basically deleting multiple reactors and cross sections before I tried to googling to see if it was something else, which I had to dig to find my solution.  Took a couple different searches and a few different pages.  But I found on a reddit post that had 1 comment chain on it.  Near the end of that chain someone said to try changing spawn rooms.  Which is what my problem was.  I changed the spawn room to the small starting hall and it let me remove the inspiration hall with no problems.  

I'm actually like.. dumbfounded how this is a problem.  Is it that hard to say "Can't delete spawn room"?  I am unreasonably mad at this oversight and had I actually gone through and deleted all the reactors and halls (which wouldnt have fixed my problem) I would probably have stopped playing warframe.  Hate to sound dramatic but im not kidding.  It's an absolute joke that it would sooner suggest you delete everything rather than saying its a spawn room.   Even doing digging afterwards I found more people had the same issue from like 7 years ago.  Seriously stupid.  

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Yeah, if anything needs a tutorial, that doesn't allready have one, (however S#&$ty that tutorial may be) it's Dojo construction/maintenance/destruction.


And a special instructing in What the Clan Vault is, and how it works. 

... On the off-chance you don't actually know this:

The Clan Vault is, rather obviously, a repository of resources.
It is allso a "you must have permission to pull from this", that is, last I bothered looking, not automatically granted alongside "can build"
If you have "can use vault" (whatever it is actually listed as, it's been a while) then when you go to build a new room/decoration, the vault's resources are just there, in the totals.
The vault's resources are used first, then any personal resources. (the interface does not show this, but it absolutely does it)

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