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Paradox Ordinance Clan Recruitment


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=+ Welcome Tenno to Paradox Ordinance Clan ! +=


We are a brand new clan seeking Tenno's all across the system ! Wither your a new player or experienced, we are looking for all ! Right now the clan has a Dojo, dry dock, great halls, research rooms, and more. Currently I'm the only one mainly because I am trying to get some progress on the dojo before I made it public. In addition, since I'm a graphic student, I made the banner and logo [below] to help add some epicenes (yes thats a word) to the clan. 


Since [PO] is brand new clan , we just launched a Discord. I am seeking members to help out via Discord and online in the Dojo. Currently, the guild needs members to tackle on bigger projects and missions. If your interested please DM me via Discord [ 𝙅𝙖𝙢𝙚𝙨#2040 ] . Also I am new to public clan operations , so suggestion, feedback, and thoughts are more than welcome.  Thank you for your time Tenno. 


Paradox Ordinance Info :

Rank : Ghost Tier

Time zone : Central US Time

Age Preference : 18 +

Daily Activity : Max 30 Min 



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