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Question: Installed an Umbra Forma but no polarity show?



Hi guys, I got 2 new Umbra Formas from the end of NW, one installed on Gara Prime without any problem, the other one? Well I'm not sure where is it now after the failure installation on Trinity. I'm posting this to ask if anyone here confronted this bug before (not in hope to get the U.F back anyway). 

P/s: I guess I should start to use recording every time I forma things now.

1. So where is that U polarity?2Nd3fQd.png


2. Checked and used



3. The installation went normal on Gara, not sure if Trin was banned from the supreme power class :( 


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1 hour ago, [DE]Saske said:

Hi Nick_Huynh23! It looks like you installed an Umbra forma on one of your Zaws the day you got the two Umbra forma from Nightwave.

Thank you so much for fast response [DE]Saske, here is my summary:

I checked my stuff and yes I used 1st U.F on Scythes Zaw, 2nd on Machetes Zaw, 3rd on Gara. But when I looked back again, I still had 1 U.F available in Forma slot so I processed to forma my Trinity around 6:00 a.m EDT today (I believe you had it in records). The progress then let me choose the U polarity spot and reset my Trin but no U showed and nothing change in polarities, only reset and UF's disappearance. Also no normal forma was consumed during the installation. 

p/s: I hope you understand that the post is based on my curiosity since it's my first time seeing this bug. Should I name it the Ghost Forma case? 🤔  

- 1st UF / Scythes 


- 2nd UF / Machetes 


- 3rd UF / Gara Prime



- 4th UF / Trinity, uhm?


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8 hours ago, Cris0407 said:

Applying Umbral Forma should be not in Install Forma thing.

It should have different section like Valence Transfer.

It's a Forma. It being on the Forma screen makes complete sense.

At most, maybe add another confirmation prompt or something I guess.

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45 minutes ago, M4kuPrime said:

Same thing happened to me, applied it but no polarity :(

Maybe you accidentally Used Umbra Forma to Remove a Polarity.... 👀

Either way.... You're Probably going to have to Contact Support and Make Sure you have Evidence Describing What Happened....



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