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Missing Liset skin, unable to customize landing craft

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I know I've seen this bug mentioned on forums for other consoles, but wanted to confirm it's on switch too. The Prisma Liset skin I bought from Baro during Tennocon isn't in my inventory. Other stuff I bought from him at the same time is, but searching the skin in my inventory pulls up nothing.

Also, if I try to customize my landing craft so I can equip that skin, the screen gets stuck at please wait infinitely, and I have to restart my game. The please wait screen and I are becoming closely acquainted.

Should note that my girlfriend is able to access the customize landing craft option fine from her switch, which is the older model. I don't know if that's what makes the difference or it's something else, but it'd be kinda nice to have access to the stuff I paid for, or at least know that I have it.

If anyone else knows of how to resolve this, let me know!

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