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Infected Hive.

(XBOX)Violet Six9674

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    The walking infested hive. Filled with many different infected insects, at constant risk of being released onto the world and the poor souls that are unfortunate enough to cross her path. Vanessa has little to no control over the hive living within herself so she was forced to mutilate herself to get them out, clawing, tearing and shredding her flesh to release the hive crawling underneath her infected skin.


Gender: Female. 


Health: 200. (550 at rank 30)


Shield: 0. (0 at rank 30)


Armor: 350. (500 at rank 30)


Energy: 0. (0 at rank 30)


Sprint speed: 1.25


Due to the fact that Vanessa will have no energy and will be clawing at her own flesh, she will be spending health to cast her abilities. 


Ability one: Swarm. 


Vanessa will claw at her forearm, ripping the flesh away costing her 20hp to cast. Once cast multiple swarms of insects will flow from her arm, these swarms will go out and search for targets starting with one before spreading to nearby targets as well a maximum of 7 targets can be affected by each swarm.  The swarm will stun them while striping armor and doing little damage over time while the insects eat away at their targets eating them alive. This ability will be affected by power strength, affecting the speed of the armor strip and the damage dealt, power range will increase the range of the swarms able to find targets before dissipating, power duration will increase the time the insects are out and stunning. Power efficiency will decrease the health cost.


Ability two: Infection.


Vanessa will rip the flesh off the back of her neck using 30hp to cast. Once cast infested maggots will crawl from her open neck before searching out targets, once a target is found the maggot will attach themselves to said target, after 2 or 3 seconds the maggot will infect the target with a swarm dealing damage over time while the insects eat away at their insides. Once the target dies a swarm will burst from their corpse before mimicking the ability swarm and finding another target. This ability is affected by power strength to increase the number of maggots spawned and the damage dealt, power duration will affect the swarm the same way it does in the first ability. Power efficiency will decrease the health cost.


Ability Three: Oviposition.


Vanessa will grow up to four eggs on her back, depending on the number of teammates within the game. When these eggs burst they will take 10hp per egg. (meaning if solo take 10hp, with one other player take 20hp, with three 30hp with four 40hp.) Once these eggs burst a swarm will spawn from these eggs but instead of searching for targets they will very quickly make their way over to any ally within range giving them one out of three buffs. These buffs will be affected by power strength, duration, range and efficiency. Efficiency will decrease the health cost.


    Buff one: Insect Armor. 


The insects will attach themselves to the tenno granting them armor and slight damage resistance to all types excluding procs that bypass shields such as slash. 


    Buff two: Razor Field. 


The insects will fly around the Tenno in a shield/orb like fashion. Any enemy to get into melee range will start taking damage much like Gara’s armor, the insects will do slash procs to any enemy within range.


    Buff three: Not sure what to call it.


This swarm of insects will be much like the passive of Mag. The insects will search out drops around the tenno, such as ammo, energy, health and resources. Mod will not be affected, this will allow the player to stay in the fight and keep fighting their own batch of enemies while also picking up the drops of the enemies they kill at a greater distance to keep them well stocked.


Ability four: Hive Mind.


Vanessa will claw and tear away at the flesh on her head and arms sending her into a blinding rage taking away 25hp at first but will drain 5hp at a time while in this state, yet she will gain small amounts of hp back with each kill. Gaining control over the swarm within her Vanessa will form large stinger/pitcher like blades on her arms made out of the infested insects living within her, with each strike it will send out a wave of insects to deal damage at range. The screen will take a red tint while highlighting enemies in a dim orange as to not blind the player when facing hoards. Much like Baruuk’s fourth ability. This ability will be affected by power efficiency to reduce the health cost, it will also be affected by power strength to increase damage.


Vanessa’s signature weapon will be a pair of dual infested pistols, these pistols will be like the dual toxocyst, they will be slow firing at first, sending out a buck shot of insects that will have tracking, doing slash procs and corrosive procs. But once they score a kill they will get a great increase in rate of fire as well as becoming full auto with a slight increase in projectile speed.


Vanessa will also have a melee weapon. A infested spear/polearm. This will be any other polearm but will have high status chance and will be doing slash and viral procs, on ground slams this spear will leave a small pool of viral, making any enemy that walks through get a viral proc.


As for a custom dodge animation I believe a burst of insects coming from the back to boost her forward would be pretty neat. 

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