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Please revert Unairu Magnetic Blast radius back to 0.5m


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To give context, here is a comparison of Unairu Magnetic Blast before and after Update 29.5 when void procs were changed. Put simply, the radius of Unairu's Magnetic Blast was changed from 0.5m to 1m, but I would like it to be changed back to 0.5m. 

It seems like the radius of the bubble affects the speed of the projectile

Affected sources of magnetism include:

  • Unairu focus school's Magnetic blast: currently 1m radius. (used to be 0.5m radius)
  • Void status effect proc: 2m radius

The radius seems to affect the speed of the projectile following the formula: 1/radius^2

How do I know this? Void Status has a radius of 2m, and it slows projectiles down by 0.25x, which is 1/2^2. Unairu's Magnetic Blast currently does not slow or speed projectiles since it has radius of 1m.


To be clear, I would like if the radius of Magnetic Blast was simply reverted to 0.5m so that the Mutalist Quanta bubble has this "lock on" property caused by the increased flight speed of 1/0.5^2 = 4x.

Alternatively, the equation defining the projectile orbit of Magnetic Blast and Void proc can be changed to always be a constant 0.5 in place of the radius variable.

Please enable this cool interaction with Mutalist Quanta to return. Changing the formula so the projectile speed increases would not be broken or a significant buff, it would just enable this cool interaction to return.

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