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The Teza, A New Corpus Weapon


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The Teza is a secondary weapon and is classified as a Sniper Rifle.

What I almost never see in this game is a straight up utility weapon. Most weapons aim for crit builds or status builds and the meta is Viral with Slash. The Teza challenges this concept in that you would not build it for crit or status, but utility only. Still interested?

The Teza would have low stats across the board, making it seem like a dull weapon. Stats:

Trigger-Type: Semi-Auto

Ammo-Type: Sniper

Projectile-Type: Projectile

Noise-Level: Silent

Fire-Rate: 0.85

Accuracy: 100

Magazine Size: 5

Ammo Maximum: 20

Reload Time: 2.0

   Damage: 50

Impact: 20

Puncture: 30

Status Chance: 7%

Crit Chance: 3%

Crit Damage: 2.0x


Again, this seems weak and pointless, yes? Well, when fired into an enemy, it generates a tether that will link the targeted enemy to up to 4 enemies within 5m of the targeted enemy. Each tethered enemy, including the targeted enemy, will slow all tethered enemies by 10%. What this means is that if you hit a target and gain the full +4 tether then you will have chained 5 enemies together, reducing their movement and action speed by 50%. This effect will remain until all enemies of the tether are killed.

If you chain 5 enemies together and kill 1, the effect is reduced back to as if you only have 4 enemies chained together, because you do, so the slow effect would reduce to 40%.

Headshots will double the total enemies chained to 10, this meaning including your targeted enemy it will chain up to 9 surrounding enemies for a total of 10. This will also increase the tether range to 7m. This also means that by chaining more enemies together, you increase the slow effect up to a total of 95%.

With an ammo max of 20 and up to 10 enemies tethered per shot, you can slow up to 200 enemies by 95% before running dry, use any ammo conversion mod and you are golden for the long haul.


Additionally, here comes the utility. Since the stats are low, crit and status are low you would want to use utility mods only such as Ammo Max, Ammo Capacity, Reload Speed, Projectile Speed, Fire Rate, etc... These utility mods would shine on this weapon. Holster Speed would be great because once you have the enemies locked down, switch to your primary and unleash Hell. Yes, gloom can be used for this and much better, however, not everyone has access to gloom, or the helminth system, or knows how to build properly for gloom so this gives a weapon alternative that is unique to any other weapon out there.


Furthermore, I know I said you wouldn't want to build for status, but this weapon has one more thing going for it. Status and crit have a chance to proc for each enemy within the tether, so if you chain 5 enemies together then the 7% status chance has a chance to proc 5 times. If you do proc a status, it is shared amongst the tethered enemies, so a single proc will equal up to 5 enemies effected, or 10 depending on whether or not you landed a headshot and were able to chain the max amount of enemies due to proximity. So, if you have a couple mod slots open after applying your utility mods, slap a couple status mods in there such as the dual stat mods to also gain an element and add a bit of armor stripping with fire, or give their health a debuff with viral etc... This opens up the possibility of status as an additional utility and since the procs are shared amongst the enemies and you are given numerous chances per single shot, the low base status chance is not as bad as it originally seemed, but still low enough to keep this weapon as a utility weapon. 

Consider this: Pin down some enemies with a body shot. Take advantage of their slow for a headshot and increase the chain. Keep shooting chained enemies to tether to more enemies and thus increase your chance for status procs among all the chained enemies. A single shot can chain up to 10 enemies but the chain can grow indefinitely.


The Teza, a secondary sniper used not to kill, but to capture and pin down your prey. 


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So a sort of Corpus animal-hunting rifle, sounds like? Would combine well with AOE primary like Ignis perhaps. Love the thing. Very good in line with other silent-play secondaries.
Any idea how to justify the tether technology though? Some bullets with slowing gas dispersal I can imagine, tether seems bit random.

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