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My roaming pet is having issues.


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I have no idea how to properly address this, it is also hilarious so i sort of like my pet this way.

So witness, Horrendous. My HELMINTH CHARGER.




As you can see, my Helminth charger roaming pet is having some issues. First he was just a kubrow, while this is strange enough as it is, he was now rather massive logging in today.
He has been constantly mis-spawned as a kubrow every login since sisters of parvos update. Now he's just hilariously big as well.


I felt obliged to mention this, but mostly it's just hilarious.

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Some more info.
I haven't tried if changing my active pet refreshes the cache or something, for the simple reason i only have a single pet. Pet being young beast that roam the orbiter.

So the problem could be that a single pet can be borked by updates 'setting' the pet visuals to some sort of standard one which updates when a new pet is chosen.
But that is speculation, DE probs know better.

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I read some forum posts this week about helminth charger bugs, so I decided to cook a few fresh ones. The one I made before Update 30.5.5 was glitched similarly to yours. The two I made after appear normal. An interesting change is that DE has altered the appearance of juvenile helminth chargers, they now appear as giant pimples instead of "helminth puppies". It would be good if they at least roamed the orbiter like Jumping Bean larvae.

Pictures before Hotfix 30.5.5:




Your giant pet is still cuter! :crylaugh:

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As a fellow helminth puppy enjoyer, I can confirm a similar sequence of events.

After a bit of a hiatus I came back to find my pup having turned into a giant kubrow, and now, after the recent update, it's just a cyst sitting there. Never matured her for combat just because I didn't want to bother with the whole stability/loyalty mechanics, but even though that those are now gone, I kinda still want to keep her nice and small!

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