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Does Gara's stat stick weapon need to have inherent slash/puncture-dominant damage?



I'm currently building Gara and wanted to get a nice stat stick on her, so i unveiled few melee rivens. I got few melee/zaw rivens now and the highest disposition weapon is Broken Scepter

The thing is, broken scepter doesnt have high puncture and slash. Its main damage is impact.

So my question is, will this work with Gara's damage stacking mechanism? Should i just simply mod it without slash (i.e. no buzz kill) and just go impact damage %, melee damage % and all 90% elemental damage? Or do i actually need a weapon with high slash/puncture damage to make it work with gara's ability 1?


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Your weapon's stats have no impact on pseudo-exalted abilities like Gara's 1, but the mods do. If you modded Broken Scepter for Puncture or Slash you'd see little benefit on the weapon itself but a lot of benefit on Gara. If you intend to actually use your melee weapon then it's best to find one that scales with the same stats so the same build works on both.

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