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Multiple Ivara stealth AI bugs


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In the last few weeks since the TennoCon updates several major AI issues when using Ivara's stealth have become prevalent as follows:

Steel Path Acolytes ignore stealth status

-On spawn, all acolytes ignore stealth entirely and attack as normal as if the player was fully visible, without disabling the ability, basically ignoring the mechanic entirely

-When cycling stealth, acolytes will no longer attack actively, but all special acolyte warframe abilities (soul punch, regulators, etc) will autotarget and hit player as if stealth was inactive, even through solid LoS-breaking cover

Grineer using ramparts autotarget player through stealth

-When mounting a rampart, if the player performs a kill or causes an action which alarms a target (ie: model to model contact) within LoS, there is a high probability that any occupied ramparts will start firing and tracking the player even if they are stealthed as if the ability was inactive

Corpus Railjack Mission Disruption Pulses target stealthed players

-Even if stealthed and no targets are alerted, the electrical disruption pulses onboard corpus railjack missions will spawn perfectly centered on or in predictively perfect position on the player

-This is an unreasonable mechanic as there is in theory no way in which the targeting system should be able to freely bypass this mechanic

-Same issue on shield-boosting corpus stations where large electrical discharge fields home in and spawn on stealthed targets

Vault Voidrig Necramechs lockon to stealthed players

-Once both arms of a Voidrig-class necramech are destroyed, the target consistently and immediately performs a gravemine/slide attack that locks onto the player's position even if stealthed and no warframe ability disruption is active

Units 'randomly patrol' towards stealthed player when alerted

-If a group of targets are alerted by a kill or alerting action while the player is stealthed, the targets will come over to and congregate around the player and follow them if they move, obviously locked onto the player model (facing and weapon locked) even if no subsequent threat-generating action is performed and player backs away from immediate origin of threatening action

-Especially obvious in survival missions, all targets will all congregate within 10-15ft of player and follow


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