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Deadly Attraction

Valkyr Augment: RIP LINE

Enemies hooked on by the ability are now not pulled by the hook.
The grapple will break and strip 65% of the affected enemy's armor for 8 seconds.
The multiplier increases the number of ropes when casting the skill, being able to hook up to 4 enemies by having the x4
Armor reduction can be increased with Strength mods.
Duration is increased by Duration mods.


Blinding Mirage

Mirage Augment: HALL OF MIRRORS

When enemies attack clones: 40% chance to cast a radial effect that blinds enemies for 8s in a 15m radius.
At the end of the skill's duration, the clones will emit one last blinding glow.
Only the duration of the blind and its range can be increased by Duration and Range mods respectively.


Quick Dexterity

Shotgun Exylus

Killing 2 enemies with a melee weapon in 5 seconds reloads the holstered primary weapon by 75%.


Golden Opportunity

Tigris Augment

On First Shot: +90% Status Chance
On Second Shot: +1.2 Punch Through

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