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New idea for possible mechanic regarding specters and/or mod configs


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Ok so I´ve had this idea on my mind for a while because I´ve been noticing a lot of people don´t use specters at all.

What if the players are able to upload to some sort of "blueprint" on their specters or mod configs to help other players. 

This sort of system is already used in some games but the ones I'm gonna show here are Robocraft and Forza Horizon.

  • First Robocraft. In this game you have to build your own robot to use in game with building blocks and different weapon systems and propulsion systems. But the interesting thing is you can actually upload your design to a "Factory" as it is called in game for a little fee (using the non premium currency) and then other players can use your design for themselves and make any adjustments they see fit for their playstyle. If you want to use someone else´s design you also have to pay a little fee and a percentage of this fee is given to the player who originally uploaded the design. This can be viewed as "renting" a design of robot from another player.
  • Now Forza. In Forza as you probably know you can upgrade and tune your cars however you like. But since the tuning options are quite immersive and complex you can opt out of that and search for a player uploaded tune or set of upgrades + tune. This costs a few credits (non premium currency) and you can use it for how long you like. These fees start adding up and sent to the player for every X amount of players that use their uploaded tune. This also applies for visual customization like different designs for your car. Furthermore if your design or tune gets a lot of downloads you get a title that reflects your activity and help within the community.

Now I´m guessing you can see where I´m going with all of this. 

Since there aren´t that many instances where specters are very useful (I personally use them in defenses, survivals and excavations) and, to me at least, they are quite helpful in these situations if used correctly, then why not let people share and download their different specter builds? (The one I use the most is a wisp with an Ignis Wraith). Furthermore this idea can not only be implemented to specters but also to mod configs for weapons, warframes, archwings and so on. Obviously you wont be able to apply the mod config if you do not have the mods to do so. 

For the specter idea I had in mind letting people use whichever "blueprint" regardless if you have the resources to build it. But charge a bigger fee if the blueprint has very rare to get weapons, mods or even warframes.

Also If you think that this is already in the game as the ability to share mod configs I´m with you on that one. But what I´m saying is to reward people who share a lot of mod configs via a hub or something like that. This can help beginner players who don't understand very well how mods work (It was really hard for me to wrap my head around the system at first and now that I can help other players who are just beginning I understand how complex the system is to understand correctly) or more experienced players who don´t want to put the effort into trying different combinations in the simulacrum for hours at a time, just to get that extra 10% damage. 

  Anyway this post is already long as it is so I´m gonna leave it up for discussion between the players and, of course, DE.

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