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An idea to incentivize people play voidstorms consistently

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So void storms currently are worse void fissures. After people get their Sevagoths and tenet melee weapons, theres little incentive to play them since they take longer than a normal mission.

I've thought of a way to incentivize people to keep playing them.

Give void storms a higher chance for relics to give you rarer items.

Make it so that voidstorms have an innate boost to the chance of relics giving you the rarer items they posses. So, if you have a radiant relic and play a voidstorm, its almost garanteed that you get the rarest item in that relic.

This way, void fissures remain the fastest way to crack relics open (and possibly, to balance it out, make them give more void traces than storms so that players still have a good incentive to play them) and void storms become the place you go when you want better items from your relics.

I know some players like them a lot, but this would save them from becoming ultimately forgotten content. People don't need a temporary incentive to play certain content, there should be something that continuously makes them want to play it. Look at eidolon hunts, people still like it and play it for arcanes. Look at PT, people farm it for credits, which is something that we always need.

I think something like this could be great for the game.

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This is funny I really enjoyed playing Rail Jack "before" DE incentivized it by "streamlining" it into the main game. Now it is just another crap mode.


Can't wait to see how they will incentivize void missions.

Be careful what you wish for DE almost never grants those wishes without completely twisting them into some perverted version that  completely contradicts our original desire.

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