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Has made the game nearly unplayable.  Holy moly had to manually DC once so i could regain control of my system..then when the mission ended we all sat listening to our characters fighting with us at a black screen usually reserved for the rewards.  We all had to use task manager to kill this game just to get out.  we wound up losing our rewards.  Whatever the devs did..please undo it..this hotfix was a hotbreak!


my system:

core i3 540

8 gigs ram

radeon 6770

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I don't think it is lag in this case. This issue pops up for the host as well, which wouldn't happen if it were simply lag, and I've seen it happen in missions where there was no lag between players and the host.

hrm, I don't think I've seen it without significant lag...


I know they tried to fix it in 10.6.1 but failed.

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