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AOE Firearms made any non-AOE Firearms looks bad and some current game stage...


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On 2021-08-02 at 4:09 PM, SpiritTeA said:

While it PARTIALLY band-aids the symptom, it do nothing with root of disease. If you give AoE to rifle it won’t magically became OP. There is reason why Chakkhurr is probably the best rifle. And that reasons isn’t inhale AoE(but it’s important too), it’s monstrous stats of this weapon that makes it competitive. No Jokes, 50% base crit and huge base damage (and recently 100% impact proc also became a thing too) makes it very viable .

Nice guns like Grinlok,Kuva Hind, Tiberon , Nagatanka even Kuva Quartakk can’t competite even stats-wise. 

Those weapons would be good if we had enemies with some flat damage reduction, so weapons with low damage but high firerate would be only best way to deal with it. Something like liches have, but not broken (in terms of not hard, but literally broken thing).

The root of the disease is that warframe is a poorly balanced mess that has suffered years of power creep and “DoNt NeRf AnYtHiNg ItS a PvE gAmE!”  

There is little to no balance on weapon number values as was shown with the kit gun example, and everything feels very thrown together and “balanced” via dart board.  Mod interaction is haphazard and lacks logic “these mods are additive. These mods are multiplicative.  Why?  Because Timmy fell into the well I guess?”

At least if more guns were given explosive bullets they might come somewhat near the glorified cheat codes that are the kuva Zarr and Bramma. 

Warframe is in drastic need of a complete tear down and rebuild, but until that happens what’s another bandaid thrown into the gaping wound?  

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On 2021-08-01 at 7:36 AM, Drachnyn said:

Breaking news: AoE weapons are good in a horde game! More news at eleven!

Single target guns aren't exactly dominating in settings where single target damage is needed either. Like Index or Disruption for example. AoE damage options often out DPS single target options. So there's no scenario where you want to bring single target weapon unless DE forces you to like Eidolon. Which is the crux of the issue here.    

The exception here is Titania. Why? Simple: Because she CAN out dps AoE options. By a lot, when built and played correctly.  

So the solution is to replicate what Titania have. Buff the raw damage output of single target weapons. Take the Soma Prime for example. Double it's base crit chance and 10x it's base damage. Because that's what single target weapons need to be competitive agaisnt AoE damage dealing options like Warframe nukes, Melee weapon and and AoE guns.  

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