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i have a suggestion for ability augmentations and alterations isntead of doing reworks


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I have a suggestion about warframe ability's/reworks since DE stated no reworks for now so please hear me out.

the suggestion is based on how augments effect warframe playstyle and also adding alterations which change the ability completely allowing for different playstyles example is like unlocking an arcane but you have to unlock the slots. You will have to do missions to unlock the augmentations slots and alteration slots which is unlocked by a syndicate faction
"example" cephalion suda would be for augments and red viel would be for alterations. The idea is based on how augments effect warframe playstyles by allowing users to either apply ability change as a separate mod slot that works like (Example) .......2 extra exilus slots but for warfames allowing us to utilize the extra work you've provided to the community 🙂 next up is idea for alterations

An example of how an alterations work is ........."Banshee's augment for her 4th ability - instead of causing a massive AOE she now surrounds herself with heavy sounds blocking projectiles and distorts light reflecting back to the enemy and causing staggering mini explosions that stagger nearby enemies- "ability changed to singing angel"
you can unlock up to 4 alterations which allows up to 4 different ability changes each one costing double the essence to unlock as well as having 2 achievements will unlock after unlocking the first 2 allowing you to purchase 2 more. This will allow Digital Extreme to save time with warfame reworks and satisfy the community with NON permanent changes making everyone happy, i also have more ideas for more syndicates and what they could offer like arbiters of hexis vitus essence rewards.

the syndicates will operate like how Arbiters of Hexis work as they have there own challenge missions.

Next up is New Loka specializing in pet training and pet linking. The points allows you unlock arcanes for pets as well extra pet slot for tenno. Which can be unlocked with their essence giving more pet options.
you can also have pets be trained for new ability's as well having some pets use already existing or known ability's to be learned on other pets. Because we all know the majority of the player base uses the same smeeta variant companion however the abilities would work like arcanes. 
Next up is Perrin sequence focusing on weapon ability's and syndicate procs for weapons. you can unlock ability slots to make weapons do extra things like ogris mod "Nightwatch Napalm" and Penta mod. the syndicate modification slot allows you to purchase syndicate bonus for weapons from the factions that you earn from there essence allowing for your own play style. syndicate modification work like a arcane

Next up is Steel Miradian they pander towards heavy gunnery and heavy melees aka arch melee and arch guns. you can unlocks arcanes and the powered arm which lets you call for your arch melee weapons to the battle fields and better accuracy and handling of arch guns.

i know the helminth system changes abilities but they don't fix underused frames and instead of doing reworks this might be a better replacement

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