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Excalibur Umbra frustrating bug that turn OFF all abilities and remove buffs from abilities.


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Normal "Excalibur" is fine without problems.
But "Excalibur Umbra" since can walk when you enter Operator mode, he kind of reset everything becuase he is controlled by AI.
When you come back from Operator to "Excalibur umbra" then "Radial Javelin" buff from "Furious Javelin" augment is removed and also "Exalted Blade" is OFF and you need to waste another 25 energy to cast it.
I want to change his "Slash Dash" ability to "Valkyr" "War Cry" but I'm afraid it will share the same problem as "Radial Javelin" Augment buff.

I hope it will be fixed SOON

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