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Concerning Creation/Addition of New Glyphs


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Hi! I just wanted to ask, since we can no longer connect as 'partners' with Warframe, how can we add new Glyphs for us to use in game play?  The main reason I ask is because it would be nice to add our own glyphs so we can put them on our ships and such. I'd pay plat for the option, just as it works for Clan emblems, or perhaps you could just make it possible to use Clan Emblems instead of glyphs for the side of the ship?  That would be great too.  I can understand why you might not want to have to deal with approving every glyph, so I figured making Clan Emblems possible to use as well as glyphs, since you have to approve those too, would make it easiest.  Thank you for your consideration! Love the game. <3 

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