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Phasing out of capital ship randomly while in a railjack mission.


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So I was doing a long void storm survival run and as the title says. I randomly got teleported/phased out of the ship which made me unable to continue with my mission and even unable to finish it as I can't even see my railjack even though the icon appears on the minimap. Things worth mentioning: It happened in corpus tileset, Luckless expanse(oh boy, the irony :c). My valkyr had invigoration buff active. Void storm expired 6 mins after I was already in the survival(No issue at all when doing regular void fissures though) and I was playing solo. I'm linking screenshots of the matter.

Really wish there can be something done about this. I absolutely enjoy railjack content but these kind of bugs make you scared of even attempting to play a railjack mission.



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