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Engram Focusing mechanic for Lich/Sister weapons to curb unacceptable grind


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DE I'm giving you a homework assignment. Research how Bungie has implemented the ability to focus down the weapons you can grind for through focusing engrams.
Why do I need to spend LITERAL HOURS grinding the same incredibly mindless capture missions over and over and over just for the miniscule CHANCE for a specific weapon to drop?
You have never addressed the insanely diluted loot pools in your game and in fact doubled down on it with Sisters of Parvos. You used to have the "no repeats" mechanic for Kuva lich weapon spawns but that was too far the other direction. There is a middle ground solution. I've seen people say maybe the Lich/Sister weapon type is decided by what you kill the lich with. That would be a nice solution or maybe let us fabricate "mechanical disablers" (something you've mentioned in some Sorties) from resources to lock in a weapon type.

It's been 2 days of dedicated grinding for Kuva Grattler. I'm so frustrated I had to write all this for the RNG of reality that a dev will read it and take note. Goodnight.

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For those who don't know the mechanics (this is for Splicer).

  • There are 3 tiers of focusing, each increasing tier narrows the loot pool while also increasing the focusing cost.
  • You can focus for a weapon, but the engrams will always have designated weapons to pull from randomly.
    • You can never focus for that 1 specific weapon, the lowest you are allowed to narrow it is to 2.
  • One of the max-upgrades will grant players 75 resource from a specific chest, these are used to focus the engrams.
    • Main activity chest must use Key Codes.
  • The main activity to get these resources can last between 9-12 minutes depending on how good your squad is.
    • There's an side activity that can grants you the same amount in much less time, but you need Corrupted Keys that drops from just killing enemies. Drop rates feels like it's between uncommon and rare.
  • Tier I needs 25 resources to narrow the pool into general (theme weapons, theme armor).
    • Tier II needs 75 resources, narrows it further to 2 designated-weapons per engram.
    • Tier III needs 150 resources. It just allows you to choose 1 stat to be higher than the rest for a randomly picked armor. You're only allowed to focus tier III three times per week; I don't know it if each character gets their own.
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So what your saying is Warframe is a Gacha game. You've chosen the easy money grab route. You're just okay with monetization by DE and players on all sides.
You've chosen the route that has landed us in microtransactions being widely practiced.
You've chosen the route that has landed us in a reality where major Triple A games are literal casinos.
You've chosen the route that has landed us "pre-order so we can make money first and then under deliver to make even more money."
You've chosen the route that has landed us in a world where "right to repair" is actually being argued about despite being a basic moral decision.

Im sure they value your money. Corpus is dominate after all.

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based off of the description, that gives me a way to quickly implement such a thing. rolling a Thrall for a Weapon will always Drop some sort of thematically appropriate item. each of those will reduce the Pool by half towards the Weapon you've somewhere in the game chosen to seek for currently. 

so for Sisters, that would be a Pool of 8 on the first try, a Pool of 4 on the second, a Pool of 2 on the third, and a Pool of 1 on the fourth.
for Liches, 19, 9, 5, 2, 1.


quick 'n' dirty implementation, and i'd say even with the Pool size of Liches, 5 attempts at maximum is pretty reasonable. granted if these Pools continue to increase eventually it'll get longer, but even if there were 60+ Weapons in the Pool, it'd still be reasonable for both the Player and Digital Extremes, i think (would be a maximum of 7 attempts then, up to about 100 Weapons).



there is the strength of the Weapon to grind through too, after all. and highest * 1.1x still means that you'll probably have to get a Weapon 3-5 times to 'be done' with it, anyways.

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18 hours ago, (XBOX)GearsMatrix301 said:

I liked the idea someone threw out where the Larva would have 3 weapon options when you down them that you can pick from. Maybe to add on that further making it so each slot only has 4-5 of the Lich weapons offered through it as to further increase the chance of the weapon you want spawning.

This seems like a good idea approved GIF

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