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Unable to turn railjack.


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Entered Void Storm Railjack mission at Earth Proxima, solo.
Can move RJ for going straight ahead but am unable to turn railjack more than couple of degrees. Makes mission unplayable.
Usually don't have a problem with any part of warframe. Last couple of weeks, when i use RJ, everything was how it should be.
I restarted game, verified in launcher but no improvement.
When Railjack was new, i was unable to turn, unable to steer the railjack then but i dont remember how that was resolved, unfortunately. it was too long ago.

I restarted Warframe from Steam instead of PC, verified files, optimized files, verified again. No change, still can't turn railjack in Voidstorm mission.
Again, no change in not being able to steer RJ.

I look through in-game options again.
I use PC, mouse & keyboard, and if i change
Options > Controls > Railjack from
Railjack Pilot Centered Crosshair (controller) to
Railjack Pilot Centered Crosshair (mouse) instead of (controller),
i lose ability to steer Railjack.
Its fine when set to:
Railjack Pilot Centered Crosshair (controller) on PC when using mouse & keyboard, no controller.

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