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Convoys in Open Worlds


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There needs to be alerts of Convoys in the three open worlds, and maybe in Railjack also. These need to be large vehicles that move slowly across the map that are transporting something that you need to destroy or take. Each type of convoy would have specific ways of destroying them. Maybe some are large floating ships with turrets that you need to destroy one at a time. Maybe others are transporting a new type of large enemy "boss" that you need to destroy the transports first before fighting the boss. Maybe others you need to go around the map in a squad destroying shield projectors before you can attack the transports. 
These should be time events, the transport will be available for attack for only 10-15 minutes in the open world before something makes them unattackable. 
This would be a great way to introduce many different types of transport scenarios and mission types and would get us back to the open worlds with something new.

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