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The return of squad link for open worlds


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During Tennocon in 2019 we where shown a feature called "squad link" a system that would link together two teams of players in separate sessions and allow them to help each other progress through their missions. Completing objectives on one team's side would help the other team by making their objective easier.

So far this concept has only appeared in the Scarlett spear event where it felt very linear as opposed to what we first saw in 2019. My proposition is this concept should be fully realized and operate as it did at Tennocon as it could help with a problem that the open world areas seem to have.

I and many others agree that the open world areas such as Cetus and the Orb vallis begin to suffer in replayability once the player has reached max reputation with the local factions, while bounties do offer special rewards like credits, relics and crafting resources, players often discard the idea of doing the open world bounties to obtain these rewards as there are more efficient missions on the star chart that can get players these rewards faster.

However, by introducing a fully fleshed out squad link like the one demonstrated at Tennocon 2019 and creating a generous reward pool for participating in assisting other players (Possibly by sharing the rewards between squads) I believe this could add the missing layer of replayability that these open worlds have been missing.

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Posted (edited)
17 hours ago, (PSN)max141064 said:

Maybe after they rework the open worlds like Steve said. 

just because right now the only people populating said open worlds are just new players.. 

I actually had no idea that they intend to rework open worlds, do you have a source on this?

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38 minutes ago, (PSN)max141064 said:

not at hand, to be honest. 

Steve talked about especially reworking Cetus in a devstream a few months ago

If I had to guess, Cetus being destroyed in the New War will probably play into this.

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2 minutes ago, Harvenger76 said:

Cetus being destroyed in the New War will probably play into this.

yeah, most probably.

but if i remember correctly he talked about reworking the Eidolon sistem..

wich is going to be insteresting to see what TNW will do to eidolons. 

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