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Walking On Air, Can't Reach Ground


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Last night I was in a mission, Lua mobile defence on Earth, with 2 others. I was up in the platform protecting the datamass when I realised I couldn't jump. I went to the door to revive a downed tenno and when I stepped off of the level area of walkway I continued straight on in midair. I couldn't get through the door as I was running in the air at a level above the doorway. The tenno lost a revive as there was not enough time for the other player to get there.


I finally managed to get through that doorway by crouching and carried on with the mission, still in midair. When we completed the objectives and went towards extraction however I found the way blocked by a doorway too low for my tenno to get under.


I didn't think to take pics at first but I did get some shots while my team made its way to extraction and I was left behind unable to follow. In the 3rd one you can see my teammate downed beyond the door (again!) and me unable to get through the door to reach him.


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