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CHALLENGES / ACHIEVEMENTS "K-Driven" exploit found


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I found a exploit with yareli and K-Drives. Were the "K-Driven" CHALLENGES can be farm from 0 to 1,000,000 in +- 1 hour. The basis of this exploit requires yareli and a build k-drive and you need to crash into the the wind turbine at the bottom left of the map in the water/ SEA on Plains Of Eidolon.
After you crashed in to it you will be thrown of the K-Drive and you will fall true the map edge. You will fall through the water, as soon you see the ground (while falling through the water) the game will freeze for a +-50ms and you will then be below the map. At this point you will need to spam the archwing Launcher (hotkey to speed it up), as soon as it spawns do the Melee attack action "Press E key" then spam operator in out 2 times(This will make a check point below the map), and then use the K-Drive Launcher to be on the k drive for the CHALLENGES, now just stay there on the K-Drive and the CHALLENGES will auto complete itself in +- 1h
NOTE WARFRAME;K-DRIVE;ARCHWING ASSETS disappears as soon as you go below the map.


I am sorry if this has been posted in the wrong place, I want this to be fixed 

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