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Mod Capacity Bug; Cannot equip mods onto Warframe/The Capacity Number is Wrong/


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The images below are of the bug I encountered:

Mod Capacity before removal of two mods; Intensify and Overextended

Mod Capacity after removal of the mods. (Note how the previous capacity was equal to 28)

An image showing that I had an Orokin Reactor installed, and that my mod capacity should be doubled; 15 to 30

The bug only appeared after completing Hydron on Sedna for affinity, as I used a Forma on my Volt. However, after the mission, my mod capacity was slightly different. The number was displayed correctly, but the actual amount I had wasn't. The game seemed to not register that I had an Orokin Reactor installed, yet still showed it on my mods screen and even in the "Actions" tab where you equip it, if your Warframe doesn't already have one. My Volt did.  After doing the math, the total capacity the mods took was 28, which does exceed the base 15 mod capacity I had. It doesn't exceed the capacity I do have, which should be 30. My current level should not affect it, as it was 30 before the bug occurred, which was right after I completed Hydron with a Volt Prime at rank 0.

I sadly do not know how to replicate it, as it only affects my Volt. Other Warframes don't have this bug. I do not know if this will resolve itself in-game(as in, the game will read the correct mod capacity after I reach rank 30), but I will update this post if necessary. [Update: No, reaching max rank did not fix the issue.] It does affect my enjoyment as I cannot equip the mods I want to despite knowing that I should have the correct capacity. 

EDIT: Only Config B is affect by this. Config A shows a capacity of 35, and Config C shows capacity of 30, but the number does reflect the actual capacity.

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