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Relic rewards choice showing the wrong reward option on completion


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I just ran my first mission of the day, a public Void Fissure Capture mission on Ukko, and realized after the mission ended that the listed reward for my Axi A11 [Radiant] relic was not an actual reward option for that relic.

What showed up as my option from my relic was a Chroma Prime BP, which I only really took note of because it showed for myself and another player. I do not know what relics the other three were running.

The offered reward choice across all of us were 2 Chroma Prime BP(common rarity) , Banshee Prime BP, (uncommon rarity), and a Forma (common rarity). I only noticed the issue when I went to see if I had any intact Axi A11 to upgrade to radiant as well and saw that Chroma Prime BP in not on the loot drop table for the Axi A11 relic.

I know I didn't select the wrong relic when going into the mission as I started with 5 Axi A11 {Radiant] relics and had 4 radiants afterward(with 2 Intact ones I didn't have enough void traces for yet) as I am farming for the Atlas Prime Neuroptic.


My fellow players in this mission were: Delnadrius, AstarotteX, and BuniiBun. Not sure who the host was. 3 of us took the Banshee Prime BP, and one took the Forma BP.



I generally don't grind for specific parts or pay attention to relic drop list, and just use up what relics I have the most of, but I'll be paying more attention in the future as I continue my parts hunting/grind.



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