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Khora Stat Stick Riven and Build help



So, know now that I got a riven that is rolled 112 times. Do note that out of these rolls this one was the absolute only viable one. I still don't know if this is worth keeping or rerolling and could use some help:

Magistar dispo at time of writing 1.35

+149.9% Impact
+103.9% Critical Damage
+109.3% Electricity
-80.6% Heavy Attack Efficiency.

I also run Zenurik because I don't have naramon fully unlocked yet. I was wondering if anyone had a build that could handle long endurance runs or pretty lengthy content they could help with. I'm not overly familiar with making stat sticks in general but love doing endless runs way past sanity levels especially in steel path. Affectionately refered to as Steaming Pile. I love doing the endless loops. So any help would be nice. 

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For the riven , +impact is useless for Khora as her 1 only uses slash + elements iirc. Since you got elec on it you can make a corro build for her statstick. As for builds for long endurances, I reckon you can just use Zenurik anyway cuz enemies in SP spawns alot, so that makes it easier to keep your stacks. Also it helps if you have the arcane for health regen on tranference in for your operator, it will help if you Venari isnt there to heal you.

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Blood rush, Weeping wounds, Primed fever strike, Your riven, Sacrificial steel, Sacrificial pressure or Primed pressure point, Organ shatter

Last slot is up to you run gladiator rush if you aren't using swift momentum and/or primary/secondary dexterity for combo duration since you don't have naramon. Or use gladiator might. (The 90% heat or cold ((cold does bonus 25% against alloy, to compensate for the 75% by corrosive to ferrite)) mod is also not a bad idea, but glad mods give you that nice set bonus of extra crits)

Your riven isnt the best for a slash focused build, but if you were to roll it and get CC, CD, Melee damage or +slash on riven without ANY elements, you could try the same build but with buzz kill instead of primed fever strike. This is my build and i can confirm it scales extremely well and can easily do level cap in steel path no problems.

@AlexLight001Khoras whip has all three IPS in equal amounts. 

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1 hour ago, AlexLight001 said:

For the riven , +impact is useless for Khora as her 1 only uses slash + elements iirc

Khora's whipclaw is distributed evenly across IPS (Gara's hold on her 1st is slash). That said, yeh Impact is still pretty bad.

I do worry Op may have been rolling without fully understanding stat-stick rivens so may have been chasing the wrong stats. The crit damage is nice, though. 

Your stat-stick should probably start with something like:

PPP, spoiled strike, bloodrush, organ shatter, drifting contact (switch for weeping wounds if you change to Naramon), viral and then riven. Or perhaps just corrosive (so add primed fever strike if it fits) and then Gladiator might.

I find Weeping wounds is nice to have, but most things die in a couple of hits.

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Thank you guys. And yes, was chasing stats all focused around damage and primarily crit oriented. However never once did slash come up. I was really hoping for a Crit damage, melee, Toxin roll with a harmless negative but all I ever got was devestation. Can DEFINITELY tell you that this riven has a heavy bias towards sliding Crit chance and heavy attack chance as well as faction orientation. I, at this point, have to believe that there isn't really an rng in the rolls on these lol. 


Also, for the record what are acceptable negatives in this case? Negative heavy attack efficiency was the best I found in my opinion. The rest were -attsck speed, Crit chance/damage, damage to faction. I'm sure there was one or two others that sounded unpleasant to have. I remember a -impact one but the best stat on the roll was a combo bonus. And the faction negs usually come at -49% so they feel pretty damaging.

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