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Cant remove Hounds from Sister liches out of my foundry


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Why cant i delete the damn hounds from the sisters that are already pickable from foundry?

1. I dont like the hounds at all, since they are just absolutely useless pets.

2. I will only level the bare minimum of em for MR.

3. I have 4 hounds in my foundry, 2times the same 2, wich i already build and got mr for it.

So i want to remove them from my foundry (i will definitly not buy sentinel slots just to be able to delete them hounds)

wich still is no option.

So im either forced to use plat on slots, or ignore the fact that i dont have an ui element anymore that shows me when my

foundry items are done... (Didnt knew QoL negative changes are a thing now)


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1, 2. Same opinion

Hounds should be directly removable from the foundry. I have also no need in having a 4th hound (twice of a type), as it also makes no sense in any way (the parts about "more health / more armor / etc" ain't doing anything anyways with the current meta-creep).

I had to buy an additional "remove-spot" for those overflowing hound-rewards. Seeing my foundry noted as 14 foundry items are claimable gives me some unnecessary feelings.

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