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MR17 practice test has bugged timer?



Not confident that this is a bug, but it feels like the timer on the MR17 practice test isn't counting correctly. I've watched youtube videos on how to pass the test, and in the videos they have WAY more time than I'm getting.

Also, if anyone from DE is listening, I'm going to repeat a few complaints that I've read in the forums about this test.

  • cut scenes are painfully long. Seriously, if you do repeated practice tests, trying different techniques, you just want to get on with it - not waste about 30 seconds per practice test.
  • the RNG nature of this test makes passing it a matter of chance, more than of skill or choosing the right gear
  • a speed test shouldn't have so many enemies that can slow you down
  • too many ways to fall off this map - and fail
  • how about changing the entire MR system so that passing the practice test some number of times is equivalent to passing the test?
  • we come to rely on Companions in all other game play, why not allow them for MR tests?
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