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Yareli can escape the map with Merulina


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So I've managed to replicate this a few times already using Yareli while on Merulina, I have been able to jump and then spin out of the map. Her jump height is quite high, easily reaching the ceiling while in a Railjack survival on Venus Proxima. I ended up back outside of the corpus pillar, was able to return to my Railjack, which is invisible while within a mission apparently which saves it from destruction. When I re-entered there were corpus spawning on my ship, still dropping life support and was able to freely leave and access everything except the map travel and the pilots seat.



First one outside of railjack, it's invisibleoEKgMyA.jpg

Next few are from within the Railjack, the second one clearly shows life support droppingehb9Y6B.jpgj6WiMCP.jpg


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