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Sister of Parvos Confrontation Mission Vanquish clips outside ship


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Vanquishing a Sister of Parvos during the Sister of Parvos Confrontation mission causes the player to be launched out of the ship and instantly fail the mission.

  • Reproduce: Select "Vanquish" on a Sister of Parvos while near a wall or on certain floor tiles. Reproduced more often if the Sister leaves her spawning room.
  • Time of Bug: ~4:00PM EST Aug 3, 2021
  • Mission: Sister of Parvos Confrontation on Neptune
  • Squad Setting: Solo
  • Parazon Build: [Blood for Energy] [Untraceable] [Auto Breach]
  • Warframe: any, most recently on Mesa Prime

The camera following the flipping Warframe during the execution animation causes the player to clip out of bounds. This happens on almost any map, but it is especially bad on Confrontation missions since it causes mission failures after slogging through the insanely high Sister damage reduction.

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