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Tradeable Syndicate Cosmetics


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With the introduction of tradeable syndicate emotes and armor sets, it would be very nice to see the list expanded to:

  • Sigils (preferably disconnected from reputation gained)
  • Syandanas
  • Orbiter Stencils
  • Sculptures

This could also be applied to the Conclave to give Conclave players another way to earn Platinum as well as allow non-Conclave players a way to earn the exclusive cosmetics without playing Conclave (at a cost for not investing in the mode):

  • Sigils
  • Riv-Min Armor
  • Riv-Comp Armor
  • Celestia Syandana
  • Weapon Skins

Thoughts? It would be nice for the Syndicates (and possibly Conclave) system to allow inventory completion in this manner as was done with the new emotes and armor sets.

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Preach it, shock-man. I don't think it can be overstated enough how disappointing it is that the riv-min and riv-comp (as well as other skins) are locked behind the dead game mode which is conclave. DE, just retire it altogether at this point. It has been dead for a long time and we certainly don't need you diverting assets to keep it alive.

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