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Helminth Golden Instinct. Seriously?


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So when I saw this ability in the Helminth list, I was super excited. I love finding ayatan statues, fragments, and all the syndicate medallions. So I slowly get to Helminth to level 15, put it in a frame, and go into a syndicate mission. And I find that it's useless. Absolutely useless. It's around two seconds in a general direction with a 20 second cooldown. The simple fact that it's a level 15 Helminth ability means it should be something useful, right? Loot radar does more work in finding things than this ability. Who in DE when testing this thought this ability was useful? I honestly don't understand how developers think this ability is useful. If it was like Clairvoyance from Skyrim, then absolutely worth it, but in the current state it's as useful as an emote. The ability needs a rework and/or a new level 15 Helminth ability replacement. 

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50 minutes ago, Vanecce said:

20 second cooldown


That, at minimum, needs to be thrown into the sun.

49 minutes ago, Leqesai said:

doesn't detect somachords

At first I thought it's because they couldn't figure out differentiating between scanned / unscanned somachords and so they just skipped over it. Then I looked it up.

Nope, differentiates Kuria and codex fragments just fine. So they just decided to exclude it for...reasons.

I get that Helminth abilities aren't exactly the cream of the crop but this is the Helminth ability of Helminth abilities. It's bad on an entirely new level. I'd be impressed if it wasn't so disappointing.

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I agree that is very underwhelming, but not useless.  I would not bother leveling up Helminith for it alone.  For a level 15 unlock it does seem like a waste.

The there are two things that it does that makes it very helpful when used with a loot detector mod:   

1.  It tells you if there are no useful finds nearby by displaying the "Area is Barren" message.   You can move on to the next area, without wasting time, clearing through the loot containers.  

2.  It gives a direction to the nearest useful item.   In large areas this can save a lot of time, and allow you to bypass a clearing through a lot of useless junk.  When you come to a fork, again, you don't have go to every path.

But. like I said upfront, it's not 15 levels of Helminith unlocks valuable.  However, you have it, it can save some time looking for those useful items.


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