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Memory Usage too high i solo, lowest setting Railjack missions ;_;


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I know it's hard, but for what Warframe rappresents (in my mind) in the video-game space, 2.2GB of both CPU and GPU usage is borderline un-acceptable.


I noticed that some objects use tilied materials with WorldPosition, which is amazing and still looks so good ... but those objects can be counted on the fingers of one hand, as even walls and floor have patches of unique materials, just like normal objects.


Storing baked textures in memory to increase performance is useful, but expecially for phones, that can cause heat, as stored memory is refreshed every time even if not used (as in visible to the player, the object being rendered), from what i understand at least.


I just wish you good luck on solving this, because other than that and butchering my metaphorical art department's assets I really can't offer any other solution ;____;


The CPU Garbage collector tends to stay behind most of the times, but that is normal.

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Ah and the other thing ...


I noticed that my Railjack was taking damage "WHILE DOING A SURVIVAL"! 0_0


Thr whole point of dividing railjack from tileset mission was to save on performance ... but at least the railjack entity and void damage zones for sure are still active xD

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On 2021-11-26 at 11:24 PM, Zakkhar said:

Crashed 4 times so far. Out of memory. I got 8 GB RAM and about 16 GB virtual RAM.

I run solo Railjack. I usually crash if I stay longer than 20 minutes.

My assumption was that DE chose to not optimize the memory to make loading faster and avoid bugs ...

but it seems that they achieved the complete opposite :(


Now even the login screen is a memory nighmare if you dare decorate.

The automatic Unreal Engine mip-map streaming helps, but not by much.

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