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Invisible MOAs in syndicate missions


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        The other day I did a Cephalon Suda interception mission, and as I was doing my best to keep all four points, I first noticed that I was getting shot out of nowhere, then I saw a point getting taken by nothing. So instinctively I ground pound the capture terminals and a MOA ragdoll pops out of nowhere! That's when I realized that MOAs were occasionally showing up invisible and partially intangible. Fortunately they were still killable, but on interception it would occasionally be a problem where I had to test both terminals for a MOA. I didn't really know the conditions so I just kind of thought it would only be a rare thing.

         Today, however, I was proven wrong. As I was doing an AoH survival mission, the exact same bug occurred with the MOAs, and this time I got proper information.



  • Search query set to public (despite being in the server alone)
  • Syndicate mission. Type of syndicate or mission does not seem to matter. Playing a normal mission didn't seem to replicate the bug
  • Corpus Parvos airship tileset


  • Capable of shooting moving, and taking objectives as a MOA should
  • No effects indicating that it is there other than the weapon firing, not even a health bar
  • Partially intangible; hitscan bullets would fly right through them. However they are still killable via. melee and abilities
  • Still present to other NPCs, both drawing fire from syndicate allies and receiving shields from drones.
  • Unsure of how they come into being. It is either by killing them, or just kind of spawning in wrong.

I can only imagine how bad the bug would be in high level missions. Fortunately it only seems to be tied to syndicate missions. As for other Corpus tilesets I am unsure if the bug is present there.

Hope this helps!

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