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Fafnir- The Armorer, a Warframe concept


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Hello folks,

just posting this concept in hopes of getting a little feedback on the kit of this Dwarven armorer.


1    Fafnir (m)

1.1               To the bone:

Slams the smithing hammer onto the floor dealing damage on enemies in an AoE around Fafnir and knocking them down. Every enemy hit increases the smithing stacks by 1. When performed midair, Fafnir will slam down to the nearst fitting surface.

1.2               Field Repairs

Keeping activation button pressed will use material (stacks) to repair Fafnir restoring health, and if possible, armor for 1.3 (Dwarven Resolve).

1.3               Dwarven resolve

 Upon activation use smithing stacks to increase Armor value. Armor can be chipped down by taking enough damage. Activating the ability will use ¼ of the currently available stacks. Every stack consumed will increase Fafnir’s armor value by 150. No upper limit on armor gain. Sprinting into enemies will raise stacks by 1 per enemy and apply knockdown as well as deal damage, damage is based on stacks used for casting. (The numbers might sound a bit too strong but after using the formula provided by the warframe wiki the highest damage reduction possible with those values amounts to 98% at max stacks used.)

1.4               Smoldering Forge

Uses half of the available material to create a stationary forge accessible to all friendly players. Activating the forge will grant the player an exalted axe and shield. Sprinting while wielding the weapon will raise the shield and deal damage and apply knockback to hit enemies as well as preventing damage that hits the shield. Firing while wielding the axe will throw it forward piercing enemies and returning on either call back or reaching max distance. While axe is away deal reduced melee damage (except Fafnir himself). Fafnir will get a two-handed axe instead of a shield dealing vastly increased damage compared to axe and shield. Fafnir does not receive the functionality of the shield. Damage of the set is based on used stacks. Using the forge will prevent the use of any other weapon for its duration. The more stacks used the higher the duration and the damage of the forged weapon. Switching weapons will drop the exalted Weapons.

1.5               Passive

400 max smithing stacks, no upper limit for armor level. Every stack will passively increase the damage of his abilities. Consuming stacks will restore energy. Killed enemies occasionally drop extra material.

1.6               Looks and traits

Grey and golden color scheme. Reduced shield but increased armor and health values. Smaller and sturdier than the average character (but not necessarily fatter). Heavily armored with golden adornments. Armor elements are geometrical. 500 base armor.

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