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PSN Nightwave: Nora’s Choice

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49 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:




This fix involved some code changes, meaning it has to go through Cert.

We'll be adding it to our next Cert build - we'll share that info when we have it!

Thank you for the explanation 👍👍👍

EDIT: Makes it easier since I update my clan on info.  Extra

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Yareli. I love her. Wish we could mod Merulina though and had a way to have more precise movement control while on her (strafing etc) when firing weapon (aimed or from the hip), have no line of sight restrictions for Sea Snares and lower energy cost with more snares per cast, had scaling damage for her 4th (not enemy count-based but damage multiplier based on ability strength/enemy health) and not scatter the enemies upon explosion, have Aqua Blades damage buffed, stagger enemies more frequently, share modded stats with equipped meleé, and also if recast while active would scatter out like glaives to "Sea Snared" enemies dealing damage upon hit. Finally, wish doors would open like they do on foot (upon approach) and not pause while going through doorway (when on Merulina) 

Thank you for creating such a beautiful and fun game.  :)

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3 minutes ago, (PSN)GhasttBR said:

What about the Focus bug that makes impossible to unbind the school's ability???

 they already responded about that it was "The team is aware and getting a fix in the works!" so I see it as "we don't know what's causing this but we know we know"

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hi warframe staff. Got a few ideals to run by you can we get relics on steel path and arb as well with better drop rates. Also can we get a real steel path that starts at a 1000 level with better drop rates. 1 more thing guy how about a player rating system where we get good team players by how there rated.                                                                                                                      Also great job guys and gals at warframe.

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2 hours ago, (PSN)DukeSilver83 said:

Lavos vials not actually fixed. Still remain empty with the waist vials missing on PS4. 


46 minutes ago, (PSN)Zer0-Rama said:

Yip 7/8 months and still broken 

After further investigation it appears that this is fixed on PS5 but not PS4. Back to the drawing board!

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30 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:


After further investigation it appears that this is fixed on PS5 but not PS4. Back to the drawing board!

No, no it is not. Im on PS5 and this remains unfixed. Nice try, @[DE]Megan

Edit: I've restarted, power cycled the console, and even a full reinstall. Nothing I've done will grant him his full glorious vials. Sad day, and I was so happy to read about this update! Even without the Galvanized fixes.

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3 hours ago, (PSN)NAPE-J0K3R said:

any fix for not being able to unbind focus waybound passives on console platforms 

Can I have some reference for this? I'm on console, and I can bond/unbind my passives as intended. Is this not a consistent thing?

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Soo when will you fix Udp error in Egypt and other contrys that [DE]Steve himself talked about it? I Couldnt play multiplayer warframe since update 30.1 luanched. Also there is a bug with unbinding focus nodes. Please fix them ASAP because am loosing my self especially the udp one.

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21小时前 , [DE]Megan 说:

PSN Nightwave: Nora’s Choice




Nightwave: Nora’s Choice launches today at 2pm ET!


Greetings Dreamers,

It’s time to tune into Nora’s latest program, Nightwave: Nora’s Choice, is coming to all platforms today at 2pm ET! 

Nora’s Choice brings back a slew of classic Nightwave Rewards while adding exclusive new items into the mix, like the Ride The Wave Glyph and the mesmerizing Waveform Ephemera.

Take on Daily and Weekly Acts to earn Nora’s Choice Cred that you can redeem for exciting Customizations! Or choose to spend it on an assortment of other items that will give your Arsenal a healthy edge.


General Nightwave Changes

  • Added Harrow Crucis and Yareli Physalia Helmet Blueprints to the Nightwave Store rotation.

  • Corrected the ‘Feed The Beast’ Nightwave Weekly Act to award the proper 4500 Standing.



  • Increased Vastilok Punch Through from 1 to 1.3 and fixed it using the wrong (old) Combo Multiplier (i.e at 40 hits the multiplier will be 3.0 not 2.5).

  • On-Call Sisters will no longer clone targets when using Soul Punch and said Shadow Clones no longer have drop tables, as this leads to exploitive gameplay.

  • Hound Null Audit Precept now triggers more reliably. Previously it would only trigger if the current target was an Eximus, it will now target a nearby Eximus in range even if they aren't the current target.

  • Changed how the /dnd Chat command functions to be a toggle, allowing either an Enabled or Disabled state, instead of always setting ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to enabled. Before you would need to /normal to undo it. 

  • Updated respective Riven Challenge descriptions to indicate “Shield Restore consumables” as opposed to “Shield consumables”.

  • Added Helminth Ability videos to the Helminth screen.

  • Sister Hound’s Repo Audit Precept will no longer affect downed players.

    • This fixes downed Clients losing their weapons for the rest of the mission after an enemy Sister Hound activates its Repo Audit.



  • Fixed the Steel Essence 5 minute despawn timer not functioning after you’ve moved a certain distance away. 

  • Fixed a game lock that would occur for newer accounts when trying to customize their Landing Craft.

  • Fixed missing Context Action for the Chimera Quest if it’s initiated right after The Sacrifice Quest completion. 

  • Fixed a game hang/crash that could occur on the Clan interface. 

  • Fixed a game hang/crash that could occur on the Railjack Salvage menu.

  • Fixed a game hang/crash that could occur on player Transmissions.

  • Fixed a crash occurring when interacting with a dead Specter ‘Follow’ Context Action after a Host migration occured during a Sister Railjack showdown.

  • Fixed case of Sister/Kuva Lich not spawning when using a Requiem Ultimatum, which also consumed the item.

  • Fixed the "JOIN ANY CREW" button in the Railjack Star Chart allowing you to join a Kuva Lich or Sister showdown mission, which resulted in an error message if you do not have a proper Kuva Lich or Sister.

  • Fixed (another case) Hosts keeping their goods after aborting the Lich showdown mission once their Lich has been Converted/Vanquished.

  • Fixed not being able to swap Polarities on Sentinel weapons.

  • Fixed Wisp Reservoirs not functioning while Yareli is on Merulina.  

  • Fixed Tenet Envoy missiles striking a Null bubble becoming stuck and orphaned in the air.

  • Fixed Lavos' waist vials missing both their glass and contents.

  • Fixed the Oull Requiem not being Chat Linkable or in the Codex.

  • Fixed Hound Diversified Denial Precept showing a revive prompt on mini-Hounds for Clients.

  • Fixed numerous Cambion Drift spawning issues:

    • Fixed Enemy reinforcements would wander aimlessly instead of trying to storm you.

    • Fixed Deimos Genetrix not spawning multiple waves of enemies or enemies at all.

    • Fixed Deimos Tendril Drones spawning too frequently.

  • Fixed Helminth Kubrow puppy not correctly appearing as a Helminth puppy. 

  • Fixed seeing custom Warframe Ability HUDs while playing Lunaro.

  • Fixed outdated loading screen tips related to Parazon Mercy eligibility. 

  • Fixed a typo in the Elite Crewmates traits description of "Zekti" instead of "Zetki".

  • Fixed a script error when Hacking with the Tactical Menu open.

  • Fixed a script error that could occur when using Transference next to a Volt Electric Shield with the Transistor Shield Augment equipped.

Still no fixes for the trophy bug(ride or die).

I only wanna pop the trophy complete the game and delete this game.

pls fix it quickly

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How about you stop adding random things and fix whats already broken. I mean i cant even unbind a focus node. Its been this way for over a month now. Its ridiculous. You keeping adding to please new players but are losing long term players over small bugs that could be fixed. Its sad to see. Ignoring the intrical structures of a great game just to try and add some meaningless flair. Good way to lose player base.

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I was one of the people who initially reported the Helminth Charger puppy not appearing correctly. For me at least (PS4) it is still not displaying correctly and still looks like a Huras Kubrow puppy. I am unable to get it to revert to its normal appearance using the arsenal anymore. That being said, I know this is not the most pressing matter with everything being done, so I understand if it will take a while to actually fix with focus probably being on other parts of the game and am fine with waiting since it's not game-breaking. I just wanted to put a notice out there that (at least for now) it doesn't seem to be fixed. Thank you very much for all the work y'all devs have been doing and for your time today.

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