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One skill: turn your left hand into a weapon for teammates to use (one skill can't switch the weapon form when you are on teammates) (at the same time, you can't use the main weapon and only use melee and auxiliary weapons).

Two skills: switch one skill weapon form (two forms of rifles, melee)

Three skills: upgrade one skill weapon damage (turn into a shield when the skill is used)

Four skills can be used by teammates of a fixed battery (cancel a skill when using).

Passive: switch weapons to speed up convertible ammunition.

The game envisages that one skill can be continuously used and can be given to two dominant weapons with cards. One skill consumes energy due to skill intensity efficiency. Second skill weapons switching time is affected by duration. The shorter the duration, the faster the switch, the longer the reverse. Three skills have time limits are affected by the duration skills intensity skill efficiency, and four skills are affected by duration skills efficiency can be equipped with cards.

The gameplay is divided into two ways: one is the main one and the second skill, such as the capture, the destroy and other, and the second is the main three and fourth skills, such as defense, survival, interception, etc.

My English is not good, so I can only translate it with Apple's own translation software.😓

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