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Icon saturation levels and greyscale filter missing


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Since the Noras Choice update icons in various icons in multiple ingame UI menus became much more color saturated. I have came to a conclusion that untill now the icons in these places had slight greyscale filter applied to them on default which faded out while hovering cursor over the particular icon. This greyscale filter doesn't seem to work on the current build and the icons are fully satureated all the time.

Exaples of places where the greyscale filter doesn't work: in the Loadout selection menu, in the mission progress icons depicting, for example, resources.




Pre-update menu example for comparison:




The difference in unhighlighted picture saturation is noticeable.

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I noticed this too in the Nora shop. Though I was more distracted by the sorting being screwed up again. It was on 'default', but the helmets were first instead of Vauban, nitain, kuva, and potatoes. Though even there the order of the helmets made no sense. They weren't alphabetical, nor were they by date added that I could tell.

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