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Dev Workshop: Corrupted Holokey Changes

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Now that's cool and but still it doesn't fix the fact that it completely diluted the droptables, and it's not a reward that can be capped out like void traces were... Also 4 per sister vanquished is kind of a small amount I'd say.

Things will be slightly better, but the main concerns are still untouched.

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3 minutes ago, Wiz3rd said:

No sugar-coating.
That is still horrible.
Make it a guaranteed mission drop and then we'll talk...

yep the fact it has to fight with reward we dont need more than 1 time, maybe 2 just makes it really annoying.

I'd be down for them matching the quantity drop to the tier of Relic open if it was a guaranteed thing tho to try and balance acquisition rate.

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More is more, but it doesn't change how bad the drop tables are. This is a decent bandaid but a poor fix to the problem at hand.


Just remove Sevagoth from the drop table, add him to the holokey shop while expanding the shop with evergreen offering like Relic packs for those that maxed those weapons.

Increasing the amount the holokey dropped amount won't fix that Sevagoth Parts are nothing more than a 3.5k credits cache  after the 1st~2nd acquisition and both items only increase the frustration of farming either of them instead of having an unified system.

Sure, now I get more which is good, but there's still a very big chance to get a 3.5k credits cache that is of no use.

Face it, parts on rotations is a terrible way of promoting specific nodes that instead of enhancing the game only make it frustrating and makes people hate those game modes. If you already have a currency then expand that currency instead of making it obsolete faster under the pretext of "but you farm things faster".


In the final Railjack Showdown node for a Sister of Parvos, each Sister will give each squad member 1 Corrupted Holokey at End-of-Mission whether you Vanquish or Convert them! This means a Squad of 4 can leave with 4 Corrupted Holokeys each on Showdown mission complete! 

This feels like a poor attempt to make people want to play together. Perhaps forcing multiplayer is detrimental to the game and good concepts could exist if multiplayer stopped being forced and instead was an option (eidolons is a good example of good MP content but that wouldn't exist with forced matchmaking, explore that more, stop diluting content to make matchmaking the way to go).

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