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Dead Shooter Bug


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I know this has been posted already but I think i found where it is glitched

The bug:

When something dies it keeps on shooting at the player that was last targetted.


How it gets Bugged:

When the enemy, lets just say a grineer dies, then it doesn't shoot. but if it just started to shoot and it dies at that exact moment it will continue to shoot even though it is dead.

(This also happens to a player, If the player dies when just starting to shoot then the player will shoot continuously.)


Done Solved

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I have major experience with this glitch, and after careful moments of examination, I believe I have determined the exact circumstances required to activate it.


While studying this glitch, I have noted the enemies with which I have witnessed it being produced from: Corpus Crewmen, Grineer Lancers, Grineer Sawblades, and (possibly) Grineer Troopers.


The circumstances in which this glitch is activated are as follows: Say you are in a skirmish with a small group of Grineer, you move in for a charged melee kill and deliver the killing blow just as they start to melee the player in response to their proximity, the player kills them, this (it seems) causes the game to think the enemy is alive and firing at the player, but with an unlimited clip (or in the case of the Sawblade, constant swings with very little in-between time) and no matter where the player is in a 360 degree circle, the enemy will follow their killer until about 5-7 seconds later (it feels) when the game finally realizes that the enemy in question should be dead, and they stop firing, this can be very disrupting in close quarters situations, especially when there is no cover and other enemies are firing at the player or if the player is new and doesn't know what's happening. If you could develop something to fix this, I and many others, would be grateful.

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